The ACUSCOPE is the original microcurrent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation modality. It was first introduced in 1978, considered the category creator, and it is still the most advanced therapeutic biotechnology in its field. 

It is the only modality to combine bio-feedback Input with micro-Amperage Output. As an I/O device, it is programmed to acquire information from the tissue between the electrodes;  analyze the data for abnormalities; then configure and deliver a corrective influence in gentle, biologically compatible square waves of  microcurrent electricity. By this process (which is completely comfortable), the Acuscope can help to restore healthier levels of conductivity throughout the Nervous System, boosting cellular metabolism, promoting regeneration of damaged nerve tissue, and resolving many stubborn pain and stress syndromes commonly seen today.  

The MYOPULSE was the original microcurrent Electrical Muscle Stimulation modality, introduced in 1983.   Similarly unique in its field, it's micro-chips are programmed to pick up bio-feedback Input from the connective tissue, analyze it, and deliver its Output in pulse trains of bio-compatible sinusoidal microcurrent waveforms (also soothing and comfortable).  This read-treat process serves to help resolve issues in muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.  After an injury, tissue damage, surgery, unidentified pain, restricted  movement, joint inflammation, scarring, or from poor circulation, faster resolution and full recovery typically result from a series of treatments. 

There are two calibrations of the Myopulse:  one is programmed to treat the large body muscles; the other is calibrated to address small, superficial muscles, such as those of the head, neck,and face (also popular today for its remarkable aesthetic effects now being called the "Microcurrent Face Lift").

Acuscope used together with Myopulse makes the combination a complete clinical neuro-muscular microcurrent therapy system.  In a practice dedicated to not just managing, but eliminating the cause of painful conditions, this biotechnology is essential and greatly appreciated by Patients. 

The Acuscope-Myopulse System uses a wide variety of unique Probes and Electrodes to: 

- treat acute pain as well as chronic pain problems; 

- reduce stress symptoms associated with physical and
  emotional trauma; 

provide beneficial pre-op preparation (tissue vitality/relaxation)    and post-surgical rehabilitation (speedier tissue repair; reduced need for pain meds); 

- address complaints typically caused by old and recent accidents and injury, repetitive motion
  and overuse syndromes.

In addition, over the past 40 years, this advanced and sophisticated biotechnology has shown significant results in many cases otherwise considered hopeless and irreversible, including paralysis and post-stroke.

For an Overview of The Acuscope-Myopulse Clinical System: 

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I have been using the Acuscope since it was first released 40 years ago, personally trained by the Inventor/Manufacturer. I've since trained all types of healthcare practitioners (and many patients) to use and understand the Acuscope and Myopulse.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you by phone, email, with my video training, manuals, and workbooks, and/or Live on Skype or FaceTime.

Jan Rossen Dacri


Why are there separate instruments?   
The Acuscope and two Myopulses used together comprise a complete microcurrent nerve and muscle (neuromuscular) stimulation system.

While both Acuscope & Myopulse are Input/Output devices,  biofeedback input from the nerves regulates squarewave output to the Nervous System using the Acuscope;  biofeedback input from the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia regulates sinusoidal output to the connective tissue using the Myopulse.  The Body calibrated Myopulse addresses the large connective tissue structures; while the Head-Neck-Face calibrated Myopulse is programmed to assess and address the smaller, delicate, and more superficial muscles and connective tissue.

Biocompatible waveforms and frequencies are based on the science of electrophysiology, enabling practitioners in every field of physical medicine to provide remarkable, non-invasive pain management, accelerated tissue self-repair, and stress relief (relaxation) therapy.

The Electro-Acuscope is categorized as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device.  However, unlike ordinary TENS which serves to temporarily block pain signals with a blast of milli-amperage current, the highly sophisticated Acuscope helps to resolve underlying issues at a cellular level with biocompatible microcurrents.  It is literally non-invasive and without discomfort to the patient during treatment.  When resistance releases, nerve cells re-awaken and regenerate, nerve conductivity improves, tissue repairs, stress is reduced.  Results in addressing the Peripheral and Central Nervous System are consistently remarkable.  Benefits to the Autonomic Nervous System are now greater using the new Acuscope Model 80T.

The Myopulse falls into the category of an Electrical Muscle Stim device.   However, unlike familiar EMS that uses a strong milli-amperage current to cause muscle contraction, tetanizes the tissue uncomfortably, and will eventually result in muscle fiber exhaustion, the Myopulse in contrast, delivers imperceptible microcurrent in waveforms that match electrical fields generated by connective tissue cells.  Restoring normal electrical potentials to contractile cells produces immediate and obvious change in muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.  Tightness releases, swelling reduces, sprains resolve, tears and ruptures repair rapidly, range of motion returns to joints.  Using the Head-Neck-Face calibrated Myopulse can produce rejuvenation to the facial features, contours and skin that are unsurpassed by any other non-invasive modality.


Every cell in the body generates electrical currents which are measurable. 
  • In the brain (EEG), 
  • skin (GSR), 
  • heart (EKG) 
  • and muscles (EMG) tell us about our bio-electricity.  
  • Most people are unfamiliar with the electricity of the nerves which is commonly measured by neurologists in a Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) or Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) test when there is pain.  Biofeedback monitoring capability is built into the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments and through a relay of programmed microchips, this feedback is used to configure minute doses of beneficial current to the cells in order to return the tissue to a normal level of electrical activity. Restored bio-electricity levels allow the body to more effectively use proteins and other nutrients for cell growth and repair of all types of tissue. 

Microcurrent technology grew out of the field of science called electrophysiology, the study of the electrical properties of cells.   Not as popular as chemistry which has resulted in the explosion in pharmacology, biophysicists nevertheless recognize that living bodies are electrically wired; that cells generate electricity. 

Our health depends upon the ability of currents to move freely throughout the body and brain.  When electrical currents are blocked in the heart, brain, and/or peripheral nerves, fatal results can follow.  The gentle push provided by biocompatible micro-amperage currents restores conductivity.  It serves to reactivate dormant mitochondria in the cells, stimulating greater production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the “reservoir of energy” for the tissue, the "fuel" for cellular metabolism.  ATP is involved in virtually every activity of the cell including nerve transmission, muscle contraction and protein synthesis.  ATP is the fuel the cells require for self-repair and new cell growth. Microcurrent treatment naturally accelerates this process, thereby assisting the body in restoring normal, healthy tissue.


The miniscule amount of electricity generated by this technology is measured in micro-amps (ten-thousandths of a milli-amp), a level scientifically proven to produce the most beneficial effect on the body’s cells.  Microamperage IS the level of current generated by living cells and it is microcurrents that are continuously moving through living tissue.   See the study by Ngok Cheng, et al (in the Research & Studies section) to understand how microcurrent causes enhanced cellular metabolism:  

  • increases ATP production (which milli-amperage stimulation reduces); 
  • improves intra/extra cell-membrane transport by cell membrane repolarization; 
  • reactivates the ion exchange process, helping to flush out metabolic wastes and
    bring in bio-available nutrients; 
  • results in a boost to collagen production and protein synthesis which is necessary for tissue self-repair;
  • etc.


The Acuscope-Myopulse System is the only self-adjusting (cybernetic) microcurrent equipment available in health-care today.  

Similarly in both instruments, two electrode contacts are placed on the body in locations appropriate to the issue.  The polarity of the electrodes reverses every two seconds; i.e., when one is positive (+) the other is negative (-); then, they switch; this occurs continuously during treatment producing the following effect:

  • As the current moves in one direction (from the body into the Acuscope, information is being"picked up."   Utilizing advanced nerve conduction biofeedback monitoring, proprietary programmed computerized circuitry first "reads" the condition of the cells.  

  • Once biofeedback information is acquired, it is analyzed (comparative analysis) by the next micro-chip processor. 
  • Then, the results are the foundation of a precision-calculated corrective influence.  This Output is delivered into the cells via bio-compatible microcurrent carrier waves (Squarewaves) moving in the other direction, from the instrument out to the tissue. 

    The result is decreased resistance / improved conductivity.  As circulation of bio-electricity increases; nerve signals return to a normal, healthy level.  Improvement is objectively observable  in "real time" as digital display readouts, and can be heard in the corresponding auditory tones.  

 A  similar process occurs using the Myopulse; however, the biofeedback is acquired directly from the connective tissue (muscles, tendon, ligament, fascia); then, analyzed by micro-chips programmed with the properties of myofascial cells; and a corrective influence is delivered via microcurrent sine (sinusoidal/sloping) carrier waves.  The result is a measurable increase in cellular capacitance (the capacity to hold a charge) and improved electrical potentials of contractile cells.  The benefits include improved circulation, strength and muscle tone as well as increased range of motion.


A digital (number) display and auditory (sound) tones allow for intelligent operator control.  An Acuscope Bio-Technician who is well-trained will be able to detect precisely where an acute (hot) tissue condition is located and will know how to apply appropriate frequencies that can give a boost to help the body in its natural automatic attempt to self-repair.  Swelling and inflammation are visibly diminished and acute pain immediately reduced.  To further the repair job, surrounding the damaged area, depleted tissue can be located and boosted back up to a normal level of cellular activity; thereby restoring homeostasis (balance).  

This process requires an understanding of the feedback derived from stimulation to the Nervous System in general as well as specifically to the Nerve Endings in a particular painful area.  And it requires and understanding of the correct applications of appropriate Frequencies to remedy the condition according to the feedback received.

See examples of Treatment Procedures for a look at the Probes and Electrodes used in a variety of therapeutic approaches.  

See opportunities for
in-depth Training in understanding and operating the Acuscope-Myopulse System.


Acuscope and Myopulse treatments cause beneficial change in living tissue at a cellular level.  Between treatments, this subtle energetic adjustment is absorbed and utilized by the body.  Each successive treatment further boosts cellular capacitance until it can reach a “full charge” (like a trillion tiny rechargeable electrolytic batteries being put on a biological charger).  To achieve this result requires a series of treatments over days, weeks, or months if necessary in severe cases.  

Unlike an injection or oral medication, this biotechnology is enhancing the cells’ ability to self-repair by natural, non-invasive means.  This may take time and persistence; but the end results are lasting with no negative side-effects.   

If/when the patient is also encouraged to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, recovery/wellness is more quickly achieved.  The Acuscope and Myopulse will boost cellular metabolism.  If the body is Oxygenated, Hydrated, the blood is circulating bio-available Nutrients, exercise is a daily routine, good sleep occurs nightly, and self-talk is optimistic, speedy recovery is more likely.  

You may wish to recommend that your patients learn The Seven Essential Habits of Health.  Visit this educational and informative website and consider suggesting that your Patients do so and take the advice they will find there . . . advice you would like to give them personally and would highly recommend that they follow: