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The Complete Training Program includes the following:

  • VIDEO TRAINING – In-depth and detailed explanation of all controls, accessories,
    Conductive Solutions/Creams, and a number of treatment procedures.  Accessible
    by Private Link to YouTube or loaded onto a Flash Drive 

  • 10 Sessions of Personal Training provided by Jan Dacri on Skype (or FaceTime)

    Sessions can be scheduled for:

    ·         Setting up your Equipment Cart and Treatment Room

    ·         Q & A (with “show & tell”) going over instrument settings
            and applications of electrodes;

    ·         Demonstrations by Jan showing you use of Instruments &
            Accessories (Patient optional);

    ·         Observation and Coaching while you (and/or your staff BioTechnicians)
            are practicing treating yourself alone, each other, in pairs or groups,

    ·         Or, during actual Patient treatment sessions.

  • Operations Manualfor your Model Acuscope and Myopulse(s). 

  • Anatomy Reference Charts Notebook – anatomy Illustrations relevant to therapeutic applications of the Acuscope & Myopulse.

  • Background information for understanding human bio-electricity and the effects of
    impedance monitoring microcurrent technology on human anatomy.

  • Step-by-Step Treatment Procedure Guides - for all FOUR PARTS of a Complete Treatment.
  • Recommendations for Instrument & Accessory Maintenance, Treatment Room Supplies,
    Roll-Cart Set-up Instructions, etc.
  • Patient Treatment Record-Keeping Forms
  • Wording for Information Handouts/Brochures and Website pages.

  • Suggested Insurance Billing Procedure Codes for Physical Therapy applications.

  • Certificate of Achievement 
    100 Test Questions – Answered live on phone or Skype/FaceTime; answers may also be submitted in writing (honor system).  Indicates attainment of LEVEL 1 understanding of Acuscope-Myopulse Biotechnology, relevant physiology, and competence in the applications of basic Treatment Procedures.  Upon completion, you will receive your Certificate of Achievement in the mail (suitable for display). 

  • UNLIMITED On-Going SUPPORT by phone, text, & eMail as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text 702-376-4727
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