Acuscope Tip of the Day #1

Did you know that the Endocrine Glands are centers of energy production in the body?  As they secrete their hormones into the system, there is an associated electrical field created by their activity that can be detected by biofeedback, and picked up by the Acuscope. 

The bio-electricity generated into these discrete fields surrounding each gland can become depleted when hormonal production is exhausted; for example, PTSD and/or prolonged stress (“fight or flight mode”) may cause “Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.”  Weak Adrenals = weak bio-electricity in that vicinity.  The Thyroid Glands can be fatigued as well; as can the Pancreas when the host is Diabetic and no longer secreting Insulin; not to mention the diminished secretions of the Reproductive Glands, (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) especially in later years, or after surgical procedures.

Here is how you, as a BioTechnician using the Acuscope, can put this information to practical use to help those you are treating in your practice, and yourself!  


Using the Y-Probe (especially with feedback from the Acuscope model 80L or new model 80T) you can determine if any Endocrine Gland Zone is depleted.  

Place the tips horizontally, bridging the spine, with the "Active Tip" to the right side of the Spine, at these seven locations: 

·         Starting at the Sacrum (“tailbone”) for the Reproductive Glands;

·         Just at L4-L5 (lower Lumbar between the hip bones, behind the “belly button”) for the Pancreas;

·         Directly behind the Solar Plexus (where the rib cage meets in front) for the Adrenals;

·         Between the “Shoulder Blades” (at Heart level) for the Thymus;

·         At T1, the top Thoracic Vertebrae (just below where the neck bends), for the Thyroid;

·         At the center of the neck, C3, for the Pituitary;

·         And at the very top of the Spine, at the Atlas/Axis  for the Pineal Gland.

Image result for bone at the top of the spine

I suggest that you place the Y-Probe at each level along the Spine, and take a reading with the Acuscope, (prior to any stimulation), adjusting the Gain to provide feedback that shows the relative resistance from one level to the next and the next.  

Squirt Solution CEL-0144 in a small plastic cup and “dip-touch” at each level. 

Adjust the Gain until you reach the Maximum Readout for your Acuscope. (Do not stimulate until all measurements are taken.)  Make notes in your Patient Records using the Chart provided in the Training Materials for PART ONE - Treatment Two.  

Call this a measurement of the electrical potentials of the Endocrine System, the energy production capability of the Glands.

To Boost and Balance, one could then stimulate each level using the Y-Probe. First with 0.5 Hz (1 to 3 X 12 second stimulations); then 8 or 10 Hz (1 to 3 X 12 second stimulations)

NOTE:  Do all 0.5 stimulations prior to changing Frequency to 8 or 10.  In other words, 1 X 12 seconds per level, beginning at the bottom, working your way up THREE TIMES.  Then, change Frequency and apply 1 X 12 seconds at 8 or 10 THREE TIMES. 

Once the bio-electricity in the vicinity of each Endocrine Gland is boosted, overall vitality is regenerated.  In severely depleted cases, a series of sessions is required to produce balance and holding, long-lasting results.  As in everything, there is a cumulative effect over time to achieve the greatest benefits. 


Another electrode approach for this purpose, would be to attach Mini-Plate Placement Electrodes in place at each of these levels bi-laterally along the Spinal Column and plug them in two at a time.

All should have Straight Lead Wires attached.  Use CEL-0071B.    Tape in place.  

  • Use 1 X 1s at the Sacrum, Solar Plexus, and Cervical/Thoracic.  
  • Use 2 X 2s between the “Hips”; 
  • and 1 X 3s between the Shoulder Blades.  
  • Attach  Ear Clips to address Pituitary
  • Attach HeadBand with velcro in front, to access Pineal. 
    (With Ear Clips and HeadBand use CEL-0144.)

Beginning at the base of the Spine, activate each set of electrodes for biofeedback measurement by plugging in each set of two wires at a time.

Treat for one minute on 0.5 Hz; one set at a time; then, treat for one minute on 8 or 10 Hz.

MINI-PLATES w/ Junction Box along Spine (placed as above) + Grand Ball Probe in front

Another Treatment Procedure approach would be to plug the Mini-Plates into the Junction Box (two at a time) and with the person lying on their back, use the Grand Ball Probe in the front to take the measurements and treat.   (Exception, do not use Junction Box with Ear Clips or HeadBand). 

Note on Chart, the required Gain for each set of electrodes, at the level of each Endocrine Gland prior to any treatment.

Then, whichever electrode approach you have chosen, stimulate each location.  First at 0.5 Hz to improve the conductivity.  Do this for one to three X 12-second stimulations.  Bring down the Gain as low as possible after each round.  Use 200 uA (Intensity).  Mark Chart with Lowest Gain Possible for each after the final stimulation at 0.5 Frequency.  
(Email: to request Record-Keeping Charts.)

Follow with 8 Hz or 10 Hz to “charge up” the energy field of each Endocrine Gland.  One minute per set of electrodes.  (Use 8 Hz if the person is severely depleted [discharged] and requires regenerative rest; use 10 Hz if the readings are good and the person is healthy and active.)  

After a few treatments with the Acuscope, (interactively resolving the issues of depletion along the Spine) use the Neuroscope for 15 minutes of Ear Clips at 8.2 Hz; then, 15 minutes of HeadBand at the Temples or Frontals at 12.8 Hz.


Are you aware that these seven locations are called “Chakras” in Eastern Medical Philosophy?

Have you discovered that each gland is associated with a color?Related image  From the base of the spine to the top of the head: 
Red-Orange-Yellow    Green    Blue-Indigo-Violet . 
Use the Acronym, 
ROY G BIV, to remember the colors in order of the frequencies of light in the visible light spectrum (the rainbow).  

Think about how Frequencies of Light produce color.  

Use your imagination.  Ponder the possibilities!

To learn more, or if you are interested in learning a treatment procedure that combines this type of advanced Acuscope approach with the use of particular Frequencies for each level (each Gland), the use of Crystals, and/or Essential Oils (Aroma Therapy), contact me directly.  


SIGN UP NOW for a one hour special Skype or FaceTime Session – Go to Live Training Options on TRAINING page.  You will be contacted to arrange the time for our session(s).  (Private Acuscope Owners & Professional Acuscope Practitioners only.)

I look forward to communicating personally with all Acuscope-Myopulse BioTechnicians as we continue our work with this amazing BioTechnology.  

Did you know that it was invented in the mid 70s and the Acuscope was first released in 1978?  That is the year I was introduced to it and trained personally by the inventor, Dr. Anthony Nebrensky.

How incredible is it that it has been around for so many years?  How fortunate are we to be doing this work in the world today?

Best regards to you, your family, friends if you are an Acuscope Owner;  Practitioners, to your Patients/Clients and loved ones.




Contemplate the images on the charts accessed by clicking on the Links below.  

One by one.  

Intersperse observation of charts with visualization of these same structures inside your own Body & Brain, Head-Neck-Face.

The Acuscope delivers gentle micro-amperage currents that boost the movement of microcurrents along existing neural pathways.

The Nervous System

Facial Nerves

The Head-Neck-Face calibrated Myopulse is sensitive to the smaller, more intricate structures.

Muscles of the Face

Head-Neck-Facial Muscles

The Body calibrated Myopulse is strong and goes deep into muscles of the body (also tendons, ligament, fascia).

Front - Back - Side View of Muscles

Boosting the life force begins by seeing the structures, the lines along which neurons fire in a linear relay. (Acuscope)

Nerve Conduction

The fields generated by multitudes of connective tissue cells firing simultaneously.(Myopulse)

View of all Muscles

Imagine that!  

And that we can provide a positive, life-enhancing influence on all Systems by doing what we do to boost the bio-electricity with the Acuscope and Myopulse. 

Image result for physiology all systems

Beneficial Side Effects?  Yes!  

  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Better Lymph Circulation.  
  • Boosted Nerve conductivity.  
  • Electrical Potentials of Connective Tissue revived.
  • Flushing of cellular Waste Products. 
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption by all types of cells.  
  • Indirectly, even the bones benefit by being "fed" calcium & magnesium
    when cell membranes re-polarize and ion channels open.

 It is an honorable work we do. 


In your treatment rooms and offices, be sure to have indoor plants to produce and provide fresh Oxygen continuously (transpiration) for you and everyone around you to breathe.  Living tissue cells require Oxygen to do their work (respiration). Oxygen deprivation is dangerous.  

I highly recommend the Philodendron Brasil (photo left) and Pothos.  Abundant heart-shaped leaves and the various colors of green are soothing to the psyche on a subliminal level. 


Best regards,